Launch Meeting for the UMass Create Student Fellows

Discussion topics for our first meeting:

What is the UMass Create Web Domains pilot?

UMass Create is a service currently in pilot that allows members of the UMass Amherst community to manage a hosted web space and install powerful, commonly-used web applications including WordPress, MediaWiki, Omeka and Drupal. Users can name their own web spaces (example: and take sites with them when they move on from UMass.

Who are the UMass Create Student Fellows?

The UMass Create Student Fellows are a cohort of Digital Media Lab student staff. Throughout the 2018-2019 academic year, they will experiment with the UMass Create Web Domains pilot to work on their own web spaces and web projects related to the Digital Media Lab. As part of this process, the Student Fellows will regularly meet both with each other and UMass staff, reflect on their experiences using UMass Create and building a digital identity, and develop a personal web presence of their own that they can continue to grow after graduation. 

This initiative was inspired by the UMW Domain Fellows program.

What are our goals for you?

We want to hear about your experiences and ideas using this pilot service. What you finding that is valuable? Challenging? What would it take to make you feel comfortable recommending UMass Create to your fellow students? Blog about it!

We want to see what you make! Build things. Break things. Help each other out. Blog about it!

We want to see you try a variety of tools! Pick 3 tools or projects to try out (large or small). Blog about it!

What are your goals for yourselves?

As a group?

As individuals?

How are you going to get support?

Make a list of skills you can offer (and what help you know you will need)?

Bi-weekly gatherings (with snacks, like Muhlenberg College’s Domains and Donuts)?

Posting your challenges on your blog and letting others comment with advice?

Creating video and audio support material for each other?

If you haven’t yet, request & set up your domain.

Step-by-step guide to setting up your domain.

Make sure to secure your sites!

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is an internet communication protocol that protects the integrity and confidentiality of data between users’ computers and the websites they visit. Without HTTPS, visitors to your site will experience browser alerts, and web pages with input forms may not function.

In order to use the HTTPS protocol, your website needs a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. Reclaim Hosting offers free SSL certificates through Let’s Encrypt. There are two steps to the set up:

1. Get an SSL certificate for your domain: See Installing Free SSL Certificates.

2. Enable SSL: See Force HTTPS for your site.  This step involves editing the .htaccess file for your site(s). You must complete this step in order for your site to be secure.

When you have your blog set up, let us know!

That way we can make sure your posts show up on the UMass Create Student Fellows site syndication feed.


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